ATS R410 Scanning Receiver

ATS R410 Scanning Receiver

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The technology and tracking power usually found in larger receivers is now available in the 750 gram R410 Scanning Receiver from ATS. To carry out almost any field study, you can enter any frequency in a 4 MHz range using just the front panel controls. Call up any channel desired at the touch of a button, or you may select up to 50 channels for automatic scanning, and then lock-on to a live channel at the press of a button.

ATS engineers have designed the R410’s convenient control panel for use in the most unforgiving field conditions. The R410's control panel is easy to adjust and is water resistant. A backlit LCD meter gives you accurate signal depiction to help you easily locate your target. Plus, a built-in speaker or audio jack for a headphone set offers audible verification of your progress.

The R410 can operate for 18 hours on easily changed alkaline batteries. A padded nylon carrying case is available. You’ll come to trust the R410’s ease of use, high sensitivity and reliability for your most demanding
research projects.

  • 4 MHz frequency range

  • 1 kHz channel spacing

  • Store in memory and auto scan up to 50 channels

  • Easy to read backlit LCD meter for gain and signal strength

  • Very high sensitivity

  • Excellent range performance

  • Compact, lightweight design

  • Easy to operate

  • Runs on 4 alkaline batteries